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Testing an idea by turning components on and off

Being able to turn components, groups and sections on and off is one of the big advantages of a Brixx plan. When something in Brixx is turned off it doesn't send any figures to the Dashboard or Reports. At its simplest, this allows you to test the effects of differently setup components on your plan.

For example:

Lets say I am selling premium sports bikes. I could create a Group specifically for this kind of product and then add two Income components to the Group, one which assumes a consistently high sales volume and one which assumes a peak of sales around major holidays, but otherwise low sales. Ensure you only have one of these turned on at a time, as they are both modelling the same product sales. By having the Dashboard or Reports panel open and turning either of these components on or off I can see how each sales assumption affects the business.

Another example:

Lets say I need to buy another vehicle for my taxi business. But the timing is sensitive - if I buy one now it will impose a large cost which could be a risk to the business, but if I buy one in the future it will be more expensive and I will have lost out on some revenue in the meantime. By adding the vehicle (an Asset) and the revenue it would generate (Income) to a Group I can model the first situation. Copying the Group and setting it to start later in the Timeline and with a higher Asset purchase cost will model the second situation. By switching which of these Groups is on or off I can see the financial consequences of making this purchase at different times.

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