Update Release notes 20/04/2016

New Features

  • New Fill Data Options. You now have 5 ways of automatically filling a grid of data. Accessed by the dropdown in the top left of every data grid. 
  1. Fill All Cells - Fills every cell with the entered number.
  2. Line - Grows the initial number by a fixed amount.
  3. Curve - Grows the initial number by a percentage.
  4. Increase by amount - Adds the entered number to every cell.
  5. Increase by % - Increases every cell by the entered percentage.


  • Breakeven chart now showing correct information. An appearance update is planned to make this chart clearer.
  • Equity component has previously broken inputs fixed.
  • You can now use 0 in fill data to wipe grids of their data.
  • Loans now have a maximum duration.
  • A situation where guest plans could be lost when registering your account has been fixed.
  • Custom frequency controls inside components have been fixed.
  • Bugs around selecting items in different combinations have been fixed.

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