Update Release notes 06/05/2016

New Features:

  • Closed drilldown lines. Report drilldowns are now closed by default and remember their drilldown level when you move between reports.
  • View/Edit Component. You can now click between component data forms to view data, instead of having to close and open them. 
  • Increased item limit. Item limit has been increased to 200.
  • Employee default number. Employee now has 1 as the default number of employees.
  • Better click locations. Better click locations on components in Groups. You should now be able to select and turn them on and off more easily!

Fixed Bugs:

  • Copy fixed. Copying items nolonger reorders the plan to its starting order.
  • Turn on/off bugs. Appearance bugs when components could be 'on' while their group was 'off' have been fixed.
  • Interest and Inflation. Year labelling now updates when the plan dates are changed.
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