Update Release notes 23/05/2016

New Features:

  • Training videos. We now have 3 training videos for you! They appear when you create a new plan, and can be viewed again by clicking the video button in the top left of the interface - or on our YouTube Channel.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Components can be added to 'off' Groups. So that you can plan for ideas and scenarios without having figures affect your reports, Components can now be added to Groups which have been turned off. Components added to a turned off Group are automatically turned off.
  • Income & Cost Charts update. Income and Cost charts always update when multiple sections are turned on/off.
  • + Add bug. Fixed issue where + Add button could be unresponsive.
  • Better download names. Report and Chart filenames improved.
  • Asset streamlined. Hidden un-used fields in Asset sale option.

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