Update Release notes - 05/07/2016

We're almost ready to move out of beta! Here are some of the changes/improvements you'll see when we do:

New Features:

  • Currency selector. You can change the currency of any plan, at plan creation or during plan editing.
  • New Account area. There is a new account button on the application page - you can now move between plans easily when already in a plan.
  • Faster item adding. Speed improvement on adding Sections, Groups and Components to the plan.
  • Expand and collapse groups. Groups can be expanded and collapsed to show or hide their components. The number of components in a group is displayed when collapsed.
  • Add Component Panel - you can now add components to more than one group without closing and reopening the Add Component Panel.
  • Selection boxes are always displayed for copying, deletion and moving.
  • Appearance update! Minor tweaks to plan building - changing location of Add Component button, add 'click to edit' hover text on components, several other small UI tweaks.
  • Loading animations will play when screens load.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Drilldown row order fixed. Drilldown rows always match the structure of the plan, even if the structure is changed.
  • Drag and drop bug fixed. Fixed bug where components can be drag and dropped onto any other component. Fixed further bug where this could cause components to become hidden.
  • Deleted plans are permanently deleted. Previously plans could re-animate in some circumstances.
  • Added currency symbol to Investment grids.
  • Added % symbol to Cost of Sales grids.
  • Hint location improved.
  • Existing Equity form improved. All available options appear enabled, previously the top option for selecting the type of equity was entirely greyed out if just one of the types was unavailable due to the Equity component's start date.
  • Plan Length on Plan tiles. Plan start and end date information was missing from plan tiles in the My Plans section.
  • Unique plan names. All plan names must now be unique for clarity.
  • Plan tile display improved. Plan tiles in My Plans now fill the space available, rather than forming a single long row.
  • Fixed report column width in Firefox.
  • Better account access rules. It is only possible to be signed in to the same plan from one place at once, making contradictory edits impossible.
  • Fixed Major Drag & Drop Bugs. Previously it was possible for dragged components to become stuck outside of their destination Group if they were dropped in a Group which began later in the Timeline than their original Group. This has now been fixed. It was also possible for components to only appear to have been moved to a new Group, moving back when the Group duration was changed. This too has been fixed.

Other Changes:

  • Item limits changed to 50 for guests, 100 for Starter accounts and 250 for Standard accounts.
  • Advanced planning features moved to Standard account. Equity, Investment, Opening Balance, editable Financial Year End and Inflation are now only available in the Standard Account. We have removed these from the free Starter Account, as this is aimed at testing the feasibility of a business idea with a 1 year timeline, while the Standard account is more suited to businesses which are already operating. 

This means features will be available as follows:

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