Update Release notes - 16/09/2016

New Features:

  • Bike Shop demo plan – a demo plan and tutorial has been added to brixx.com. You can only view then when not signed in.
  • Navigation Bar – a top level navigation bar has been added to make moving to different parts of the interface (Reports and Timeline for example) easier.
  • New component design, including clearer layout.
  • New data entry method - components are set to an amount per period and can be switched to the previously available 'table' mode for entering variable data. You can enter one-off payments using the new data entry method.
  • New calculation frequency - previously amounts entered Yearly or Quarterly would be spread across 12 months in reports. Now they will appear every 12 months for Yearly and 3 months for Quarterly. There are exceptions to this, such as Employee components which spread annual salaries over monthly payments. Where this occurs the component will make this clear.
  • Component grids begin at the start month of the component, rather than the start month of the plan.
  • New Fill Table control. You can now stop the growth of figures in a table on a particular month.
  • Quarterly table captions – exact month added to make it more obvious when a quarterly payment appears in reports.
  • New component – Group Cost of Sales
  • This is a Cost of Sales component that applies its cost to all Income components in the same Group. So, Group 1 contains 3 Income components, each generating £1000 a month. Add a Group Cost of Sales component set to 25% of sales. The Group Cost of Sales will output £750 (3x (25% of £1000)) cash paid to suppliers each month.
  • New component – Inventory (Subscription only)
  • This is a new component of the yellow Asset family. It is added to Income components from the Income component form, just like Cost of Sales. It allows you to pre-purchase inventory, which is sold off by the Income component it is attached to. Inventory can be purchased a number of months in advance to cover the sales made by the Income component. Inventory can also be written off 12 a monthly %. In addition, there is a manual entry option, allowing individual inventory purchases to be profiled.
  • New component – Group Inventory (Subscription only)
  • This is an Inventory component that makes inventory purchases for all Income components in the same Group.
  • Extra Drilldown level – you can now drill down to see Cost of Sales components under Income components.
  • Turn on/Turn off hover effect. If you hover over a Section or Group on/off button the other items which will be switched off by this action are dimmed.
  • New default view. Dashboard is the new default view rather than Timeline.
  • Aesthetic changes – components indented under Groups, default area and cell widths changed, font size changes, several other tweaks…



Fixed Bugs:

  • Cost of Sales move issues – Cost of Sales can now be moved up and down.

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