Update Release notes - 24/10/2016

New Features:

  • New Settings area! This includes a re-design of the old Task Centre, including an expanded Opening Balance section. 
  • Opening Balance is now clearer to read and automatically updates totals for Assets, Liabilities and Equity.
  • Basic Plan Structure is now an option when starting a new plan. Instead of creating a blank plan, this creates a plan pre-populated with common groups and components to speed plan building

Fixed bugs:
  • Downloaded spreadsheets no longer use exponential formatting on the Balance Sheet.
  • Fixed sign in issues on Internet Explorer and Edge browsers
  • Asset depreciation can now be entered in different input frequencies
  • One-off inputs no longer stay stuck on one-off when changed to a different input frequency.
  • Turn on / Turn off states of disabled components no longer appear incorrectly when their groups are switched on -> off -> on.
  • Dashboard totals updated to include sale of assets
  • Cells becoming blank - resolved several issues with cells blanking on Internet Explorer and Edge.

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