Update Release Notes – 25/11/2016

We've got a new update for you. 

New Features:

  • Fullscreen reports. We’ve added a button to make reports fullscreen in the app so that you can see more data as you work.
  • Currency symbol toggle. We’ve added a currency symbol toggle to reports to add the plan’s currency symbol to each figure.
  • 12-monthly reports. You can now choose which 12 months (or 4 quarters) of a report you want to view at a time or view the entire report.
  • New Report appearance! Changed report selection, date range and Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly control appearance. Also changed the background line colour for total lines to keep the consistent.
  • Improved naming formatting for sections, groups and components.
  • Better copied item terminology. Copied items now have less intrusive naming. 
  • Drilldowns should be automatically collapsed when opening a plan.
  • Pressing Add Group automatically opens the component browser.
  • Added ‘Save and Close’ button to components.
  • Items selected now stay selected when the Move up/down control is used. This will help when moving items more than 1 step either up or down.


Fixed Bugs:

  • Timeline updates correctly when changing plan start date. In previous builds it was possible for timeline rows and report figures to fall out of step.
  • Fixed freeze when disabling a section other than the currently viewed section.
  • Component form overlay fixed so that it no-longer covers 'enter password to continue' timeout form.
  • Operational cost components were not being inflated. Inflation is now applied to them by default if an inflation figure is entered in Plan Settings.
  • Standardised report fonts.
  • Removed capability to paste non-numeric characters into number fields.

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