Update Release Notes - 08/02/2017

We've made a major overhaul of the Dashboard tab and fixed a lot of reported issues:

New Features:

New Dashboard!

  • Spotlight - Entire Plan dropdown can be used to select different areas of the plan to report on in the Dashboard.
  • Year-by-year view - Dashboard can be viewed year-by-year or entire plan duration.
  • Tooltips! Tooltips added to every chart.
  • New Chart: Cash Flow - includes stacks for Income and Cost divided by Section, Group and component depending on the level selected in Spotlight. Also includes Cash Line.
  • New Chart: Cost Breakdown - pie chart breaking down all outgoing costs to the business
    New Chart: Loan Payments - bar chart showing loan capital repayments and interest payments as stacked bars
    New Chart: Asset Value - stacked bar chart showing the asset makeup of the business over time - composed of surplus cash, money owed to you (opening balance), inventory purchases, asset purchases, investments.
    New Chart: Breakeven - breakeven chart showing cumulative breakeven over time, now showing breakeven amount and time as a line on the chart.
  • New Big Numbers: Income, Costs, Final Cash and Funding Requirements.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Components added too quickly showed a blank form when first opening. Components now added correctly at all adding speeds.
  • Item counter update issue resolved - item counter now updates in real time rather than on reload.
  • Removed excess space on downloads - chart downloads have blank space at the end of the chart image removed.
  • Currency symbols now update on Opening Balance when currency switched from £.
  • Report date range corrected - previous showed 1 extra year on report date range selector dropdown.
  • Dashboard scroll speed improved.

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