Update Release Notes - 04/04/2017

We have released an update this month fixing several issues and introducing new functionality for Employee and VAT.

New Features

New VAT options:

  • VAT defaults - when starting a new plan VAT can be set to on or off. This can be changed in Settings for existing plans and will affect all subsequently added components with VAT.
  • Two VAT rates & custom rate - There are now two VAT rates in Finance Settings. Components can be set to run off either rate, or a custom rate.
  • Inclusive/Exclusive VAT - Component VAT calculations can be set calculate VAT on top of the figures entered in the component, or be included in the figures entered. 

New Employee options:

  • Employer NI rates - in Finance Settings you can set NI rates for the plan, consisting of an NI rate payable below a threshold, a monthly salary threshold and an NI rate payable on salary amounts above the threshold.
  • Apply NI to Employees - in Employee components, NI can be switched on. This will add NI, if applicable, to the staff costs generated by the Employee component.
  • Employer Pension Contribution - this new field in Employee components adds a pension contribution as a % of employee salary to the staff costs generated by the Employee component.

Fixed Bugs

  • Timeout forms fixed - fixed bug where timeout forms cannot be typed into if a component form is opened.
  • Stability and crash fixes - fixed serious issues where plans can be saved blank. 
  • Reorder bugs fixed - re-ordering components using drag and drop could produce inconsistently ordered lines in reports.
  • Incorrect mouseover info on Cost Breakdown chart - mouseover amounts on cost breakdown were doubling.
  • Drag & drop issues on timeline - visual bug - timeline rows could appear to be in incorrect places when dragged and dropped back to their original positions.
  • Inventory Manual input always monthly - Inventory always calculated monthly amounts - it now calculates quarterly when set to quarterly and yearly when set to yearly. Existing Inventory components set to Manual need to be re-saved in order for this change to take effect.
  • VAT causing imbalance on Balance Sheet - in the last update VAT was causing an imbalance on the Balance Sheet - this has now been fixed.
  • Copy bugs - visual bug - disabled components can appear enabled when copied.
  • Double clicking can open components - double clicking on components now renames, rather than opens.
  • Fixed scrolling on Edge - previously slow scrolling on Edge browser.
  • Moving components when Add Component Panel open - now works!
  • Tables in components round incorrectly when switching between Months, Quarters and Years.
  • Group Cost of Sales no longer becomes attached to Income when dragged
  • Freeze - several freeze issues fixed.

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