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Notes fields

It would be useful to have a Notes field for each Component, particularly for recording the assumptions that underpin the values or relationships used in the Component.  With optional inclusion of the notes in the rightmost column of the downloaded version?

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Hi Brian, 

Yes - we have wanted this for a while! To clarify - do you mean include the notes to the right of drilldown lines of the excel spreadsheet download? I would also like to see notes available when mousing over items in the plan, and a general notes section for the plan as a whole.

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Re positioning, I meant in the rightmost column of a download, i.e. to the right of the totals.  It's easier to exclude it, if you don't want the reader to see the assumptions.

I didn't want to be greedy (!), but I agree with your suggestions, namely a 'mouse over' facility and a page of general notes.

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