Update Release Notes 07/07/17

This update is all about the account area. We've completely re-written it from scratch improving every aspect.

New Features

My plans

  • My plans sorting - Plans can be sorted by created, edited, opened and alphabetical. Note - time stamps only work going forward.
  • Tour - You can now access a tour of the software from my plans. Click 'Tour' next to the new plan button to go through an example plan and guide of the interface.
  • My plans renaming - You can now rename plans from your my plans area. Click the cog icon on any plan to bring up the options. (The cog is also where all plan options are now - copy, delete, upload logo and rename.)
  • Upload logo -  Subscribers can now attach logos to plans and have the option for these logos to appear in your report and chart downloads.


  • New layout and fields added to profile area.


The billing tab now contains far more information about your subscription and presents it in a clearer way.

  • New method for switching from monthly to annual billing
  • Clearer method for cancelling/renewing subscriptions
  • Billing details - new panel showing billing details used for your current subscription
  • Payment history - see all past payments


  • Clearer presentation of upgrade options and features.

  • Added a contact tab to the account area.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue in component data forms where changing date range and cancelling could upset the interface.
  • Fixed a plan open error.
  • Fixed a freeze in settings when renaming a plan to a name that is already in use.
  • Fixed an issue with spreadsheet downloads where the decimals places were incorrect.

It's also worth mentioning that in the last few months we have invested significant resources into improving our infrastructure and backup systems. This also paves the way for future features such as audit trails/history for plans and actions. 

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