Update Release Notes 22/08/17

We've fixed a lot of issues in this release, and improved the clarity of the plan building interface.

New Features:

  • New icon set – bolder icons for on/off switches, new ‘Add Component’ icon.

  • Loading animations on on/off switches – we’ve added a spinning loading animation to on/off switches, showing when something is in the process of turning on or off. This is an indicator that the app is performing a task and so may be slower at performing other actions.

  • New basic plan structure – the old template that new plans can optionally be started with has been changed to a fuller template with more sections, groups and named components. Existing plans are unaffected by this change.

  • Timeout – Timeout has been modified to show automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

  • Charts download to fixed size – the width of chart downloads used to be determined by the width of the chart being displayed on your screen. Chart widths have now been changed to a fixed, large size.

  • Plan length message in plan settings – we received several pieces of feedback from users who had extended a plan and assumed that components and groups also extended when the plan was extended. This is not the case – groups and components must be extended on the Timeline. We have added explanatory text to Plan Settings as a reminder of this.

  • Investment positioning and colour change – Investment is now classified as a yellow ‘asset’ component rather than a blue ‘finance’ component. There are no changes to figures or calculations. The colour change is to help illustrate that the investment component is used for investments the business makes, rather than investments in the business.

Bugs fixed:

  • Sections named “cash” creating a new key line on the Cash Flow chart.

  • Total asset value on the Asset chart not including all assets.

  • Component data panel can open when other actions clicked

  • If a component is dragged into a switched off group it still appeared to be ‘on’.

  • Double clicking on a component’s name slowly could cause a freeze.

  • January not showing when selected on plan creation dialog.

  • > or < in plan name caused Dashboard charts not to load.

  • Cost of Sales could disappear when dragged, and also incorrectly display all inputs in some cases, causing a crash.

  • Reordering components sometimes got Timeline bars out of step with their components.

  • Components other than Cost of Sales and Inventory could be made child components of Income.

  • ‘ in names caused a crash.

  • Moving sections up or down caused Plan Settings to display badly and freeze.

  • Components in copied groups could appear to have the wrong on/off state.

  • Inventory components attached to Income components could become detached.

  • Dragging components from one group to another could cause them to be displayed in an unexpected order.

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