The default view

Top Menu area

The menu allows you to navigate around the main areas of the interface and provides various settings for both the plan and navigating to your account.

1. Settings - make changes to general settings, financial settings and the opening balance. 

2. Dashboard - default view, see the Brixx charts, change the date ranges and download them.

3. Reports - view the Brixx reports, change the date ranges and download them.

4. Timeline - make changes to the start and end dates for activities in your plan.

5. Plan name - shows the name of your plan, you change this in settings.

6. Component counter - All subscribed accounts have 500 components per plan.

7.  Sharing panel - add new viewers or editors to your plan. 

8. Version History panel - See all changes to your plan and restore to earlier versions. 

9. Help area - access to guides and videos (you are here already!)

10. Account dropdown - access other plans, go to your account area, visit the support portal and sign out of your account.

Plan build area (dark blue panel)

This panel is where you will build your plan, adding every component of your business and organising it into a structure you can report on.

11. Section panel - Shows a list of your sections. Sections are folders that hold large parts of your plan.

12. Groups panel - Shows contents of the section your have open. It consists of groups of components.

Right hand panel

This panel is where you view your outputs but it also can change depending on what you are doing with the interface.

13. Right panel (currently showing dashboard) - Your dashboard, reports and timeline will appear on the right depending on which menu option you have selected. Other actions will also fill this panel such as editing the data of a component.

The timeline view

The timeline consists of rows for every item in your plan showing when they start and end. The drag and drop interface allows you to make quick changes.

1. Group timeline row- The grey row acts as a container for all items in the group. This means you can move multiple items at the same time using the group row.

2. Component timeline row - This green row is the timeline for the Mountain bikes income. You can drag from the left and right anchors or from the central bar to move.

3. Calendar control - The calendar allows you to set the dates for the component manually through a normal calendar control.